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Publications & Awards


Ourania's Orrey Of Imagination 
Edited by Brittany McMunn, Abigail Wild, J.C. Flynt, & Kate McKinney 

Wild Ink Publishing, June 2024 

Short story "Out of My World" by Danielle Cerin 


Through stories and enchanted dreamlands, Ourania opens the cosmos up to you. Jump inside this book and let the words take over your imagination. Travel with mice, dream of star people, and realize you are a creature born from the stars themselves. You will go to school with goddesses, chat with Zeus's daughters, and fly around town with a magical umbrella. Reading age: 9 - 12 


Purchase a copy here  


Due out in 2024 

Cricket Magazine 

Short story "Lonely Girl" by Danielle Cerin 



The Children's Book Council of Australia

Aspiring Writers Mentorship Program, 2022  

Shortlisted & runner-up in the October 2022 competition with my first completed lower middle-grade manuscript "Violet Bloom, Undercover Alien Hunter"  



About Kids Books Short Story Competition, May 2023    


Highly Commended for "Margo Takes Flight" by Danielle Cerin   


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