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These games are perfect to play when you are stuck somewhere and bored - like in a restaurant, airport lounge, or in the car on a long trip.

Writing game 1


What you need to play: 

  • At least two people 

  • A lot of paper

  • Pens or pencils

The aim of the game is for everyone to contribute writing in turns and once finished, you end up with a super quirky story.

How to play: 

  • One person starts by writing a sentence or two but leaves their last sentence half finished

  • The next person has to continue the story and write an additional one or two sentences, leaving their last sentence half finished

  • Each person takes turns completing the story until it reaches an ending (or you get distracted by something else) 


Rules of the game: 

  • You have to leave your sentence open for the next person to continue the action. For example: 

    • Peter was nervous for his first day at school, but when he got there he discovered that…. 

  • Each person should aim to take the story in a new or unexpected direction 

    • (Person 1) Peter was nervous for his first day at school, but when he got there he discovered that…. (person 2) the school had been taken over by aliens! The new alien Principal got on the intercom and said… 

  • You have to reply fast! There is no time to sit there and wonder what you are going to write next. This is a fast back-and-forth game.

Writing Game 2


This game is perfect for writers who don’t know what to write about or want a writing challenge! In this game your friends or family give you a set of words, then you have to write a story using those words. 


How to play: 

  • Ask someone to provide you with the following: 

    • A character. It could be a person you know, a celebrity, an animal or a person in a specific job (for example: Your Uncle Jack, a kitten, a dentist) 

    • A location (for example: Disneyland, Italy, a park, a supermarket)

    • An emotion or reaction (for example: curious, surprised, delighted, unhappy) 

    • Two unrelated things (for example: a book & a banana, a car & a straw hat) 

  • Write a creative story using all the words given to you



  • If one person is giving you all the words, ask them to make the words as unrelated to each other as possible (for example - a clown, the circus, happy, horses & trapeze are all related words and won’t be challenging enough) 

  • You can ask a few different people to provide the words 

  • The words have to play a critical part in how the story starts, unfolds or concludes

  • The story can be as long or as short as you need

  • When you are finished, share it with everyone… especially the person/people who gave you the words

Writing Games

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