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Boot: The Creaky Creatures by Shane Hegarty

Reading age: 7 – 9 years

A charming story about a discarded

robot toy and his pals that discover a hidden park in the middle of the city. The park is full of discarded robot pets, who are cared for by two children. When the park is threatened it not only awakens emotions in Boots that he struggles to understand but sparks the kids and pets into action to save the last patch of nature in their concrete jungle.

Whilst I liked this book, I didn’t love this book. It didn’t make me laugh out loud or give me “the feels” like other books do. That being said, I think those in the target reading age will really love this story and it will spark their imaginations. Boots has all the right ingredients - oddball characters, a great storyline, and strong themes perfectly weaved within the story (conservation, resilience, and change).


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