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Mac B. Spy Kid: The Sound of Danger by Mac Barnett

England is in trouble! A priceless violin has been stolen, and Mac B has been summoned by the Queen of England to get it back. Mac comes face-to-face with a mummy, zip-lines in Italy with his trusty corgi sidekick, and then lands in the heart of enemy territory. But when he gets outsmarted and captured by the KGB, you have to wonder how Mac will complete his mission.

For those who haven’t discovered the Spy Kid series yet, you are missing out. The account of Mac’s life as a child spy in the 80s is packed with nostalgia, nefarious plots, and witty dialogue. The author seamlessly inserts himself into a carefully crafted plot with real political figures and political history - in the most fun way possible. Despite also growing up in the 80s, I (embarrassingly) always seem to learn something from these books - this time it was the history behind Tetris and its theme song!


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